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Published on 11/08/2009

8th-9th August 2009.  I've just been on the TAPS course for screenwriters close to home at Southerndown.  It was starring, and I mean starring, Sam Snape.  Never mind your Americans and their rule-books, this is the man.  After two days of real intensity (it was essentially a three day course rammed into two) eighteen delegates reeled home to ponder the content.  The weather was superb, the views across the Bristol Channel to drown for and the cameraderie unequalled.  Congratulations to all concerned.

Wrote a short film for a competition in Devon.

Followed it up with the TAPS course on continuing drama.  See diary.

And then the 60-minute drama course in Feb 2010.  If going to courses gets you anywhere, I should be laughing.